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fitzgerald was called the king of carville. he was an early settler to carville. jacob heyman that realtor, started being called the father of carville. we'll see why in a second. and this guy on the left, colonel daley, was often called the pioneer father of carville. he really gets a lot of the credit. here's colonel daley in his little shed. how do we describe him? he's sort of a 1890's bohemian, a bit of a herm yit. most importantly, he was a friend of adolph sutro's. and sutro had a real estate shack on the northwest corner of the sunset. he let colonel daley squat in there essentially. he went out every morning, walked along the beach. whatever washed up he brought back to his shed and created quite a large little compound of old bottles, shoes, anything that washed up. a ship wreck. provided a bunch of lumber. he made a sleeping loft in his cabin. for a while he had a wife. she didn't wash up in the waves. but she did eventually wash out. she couldn't handle cooking in the sandunes every night, creating a fire. so she left him sometime in the late 18920 -- 1890's. but daley took one
in construction. and off on the right there is his little real estate office, in another old car. and jacob heyman this guy really struck gold because he zug in the sand looking for water -- dug in the sand looking for water and hit the ackqua for. so suddenly you had fresh water. that was a big deal. now you could perhaps live out there year-around. this was heyman's land just south of sutro's. you could seat cars lined up waiting for buyers, essentially. in the background you have some of these novel seaside cottages. he left the cars exposed on purpose. it was a publicity thing. you might come out picnicing or walking along the great highway on the weekend and thought what the heck is that thing? you go over, buy a lot, $35 two cars, can't miss. this is that same view just a knew months later. we're talking about mid 1899 now. you can see the cars are all starting to be put to use in buildings. they'd come up with all of these different patterns. this car on the left is two cars end-to-end with a connecting vestibule. it's kind of an i pattern so you could have a cabin in one car, a compartment
and getting your cars really booms. jacob heyman hits it, the jackpot. everybody wants to buy their own car house now. on sutro's land you could only rent it. now the creative carpenter starts emerging. they can take these cars, add additions, put them um in the air. -- up in the air. this is a house from a gardener in golden gate park. this is on the great highway. you can see he just put one car on the end as sort of a little sun room or viewing area facing the ocean. a lot of cars were used as rentals. these are little rental cabins where they basically just put two together. and the real estate guys who owned lots could rent them for people for the weekend or this summer. you had millionaires coming from all over the place to actually rernt a -- rent a car, to rough it in the old car in the beach. it was just a novel, faddish thing to do in the 1890's. >> woody, i was wondering. you said they dragged them out. i know the maps from that area, and basically the lincoln street line is the most southern railway for the city at that time. so everything south of that, you're telling me, sandu
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)